What happen to Concrete 9.2?



I was just like visiting my website and suddenly there are errors popping up on screen like.

“Undefined array key 1”.

I just installed another cms on another sub domain and prompt me to to check the box to change the Php version of the subdomain installation to take effect.

does it affect my domain?


You might need to provide a bit more detail:

  • what version of PHP did you swap to? The PHP version might be shared across the same account, so that’s the likely reason here
  • to confirm, the site with the errors, that’s a Concrete 9.2 site?
  • does it look like the errors are coming from a particular block or section of your site?
  • are you running a particular theme?

I utilized PHP version 8.1 and worked on a concrete site with version 9.2. However, the website as a whole is accountable for the issue, and it requires debugging. Additionally, I am responsible for managing the Atomik theme.

I already fixed it using the PHP Version 7.4