What happens to existing database if installing, not upgrading?

I have a web site, www.ffez.com, at Dreamhost using Concrete5 and their recent update to MySQL 8 has crashed my site with a error about the use of “groups” somewhere in a SQL statement. Based on some reading, I tried editing the Concrete5 files to add back ticks to the word “groups” in any SQL-looking code, but the same error occurrs as soon as the updated site attempts to load past the splash page.

After reading through the frightening process of trying to move from version 5 to 8, I’ve copied a version 8.5 into a “newsite” folder and am resigned to recreateing the site (it needed a cell phone friendly template, anyway) and have the WayBack Machine to use as a reference… However, I’m not sure if I need a new MySQL database for this.

Can anyone give me a little guidance about how the database is connected? I’m a programmer, but not a web programmer. Thanks!


Yes the new site will need its own database.

c5.6.4 source from GitHub will run on php7.4 and should have Groups backticked already.

Thanks. I have a backup of the original “Concrete” folder on the server, so does the “Concrete” folder within the GitHub zip simply replace the contents of the original server folder?

In this case I would overwrite rather than replace as there is some asset building that is not run.

I copied the enter “web” folder in the GitHub legacy archive to the server, but I’m getting the same error message about the “groups” reserved word. I renamed the “concrete” folder and am uploading a fresh copy from the legacy version, but any comments would be welcome.

That should already be fixed, as commented at https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5-legacy/issues/2008

What you need is your previously working install with all 3rd party code, fully built javascript, css etc, but with any files from github copied over it, so you have the latest php.

The code from github by itself will not work because it contains un-built 3rd party code, javascript, css. But all that has not changed, so you can keep it from your existing release and copy the files from github over it.

Make sure you get all the files from https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5-legacy/tree/master/web. You don’t want the official build because that lags behind and contains the bugs you are seeing. Get the Github zipped archive as per screengrab and extract out the files from there