What has happened to Concrete5

I would like to know what has happened to Concrete5. Once the free and easy alternative to Wordpress that has devolved into an amorphous giant thundering along, spewing out updates that don’t work because nobody has taken the CARE to ensure the update works. The forum is nigh impossible to read. Even this update made it worse.
I have updated three websites to 9.1.1, one works, one = none of the accordions work and I cannot get onto my profile page ( even after doing everything that was suggested, and of course one suggestion leads to another and so on ) and one is completely broken.
The thing is, Concrete5 is not free as everything you need is expensive !

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What are these things?

I agree that not everything is perfect, it will never be. This is how it is in every industry. It’s the same with free items, there’s always something in return. Or there is something missing from them.
This is how open source works.

So saying that everything you need is paid and expensive seems to be a big exaggeration, but maybe I’m wrong and I’m using what is in the box wrong.

I should skip the version issues because they seem obvious.
It does not work, report it, but most of all update it.
After all, this is why are these updates done. Today is 9.1.3 (9.1.2 had an accordion fixed).

A bit off topic.

It’s tough to watch the posts that versions 5x or early 8x are not working.
People, these versions are history (archeo) and keeping them is extremely dangerous, it’s a bit like Bike Fall Memes, the world is moving forward and in my opinion, we should not be waiting for you.
I don’t think Portland should bother keeping and supporting versions below 9x, which it does.

Taking their resources to work on older versions works to our disadvantage.

I think your last two sentences says clearly where you stand. If versions 9? can be easily updated to and work correctly then great, but they are not and don’t. I joined concrete5 because of open source, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to work.
BTW all of the crashes require a fair bit of coding knowledge to put right. That’s not in the blurb.
I believe my moan can be very easily addressed. As I said, just a little more care. All my sites have accordions for prices. Lost all my pricing structure to CMS, SEO and photography.

What version are all your site’s?

I might be wrong but i sounds like a frontend issue? as in Jquery/javascript having issues. Now with major updates issues can always come up, especially if your making huge leaps. To help out we will need some more info, maybe post the link to the websites?

I will say though, i have been using concrete for 10 years now and overall its been a good experience, i mean its not perfect but its so much better than a wordpress where you have to rely on some unknown dev to keep up his addon and hope its patches securityholes in the future and is compatible with future WP updates etc… give me concrete every single time then please. Keep up the good work devs!

I think you are correct in a lot of what you say. But nobody can convince me that all this updating is necessary as some of the " things " that have been updated should never have been missed. Originally Concrete5 did not dash along like this and most updates were explained.
Anyway, I can solve two of my sites but am having trouble with https://terencebridge.com

Concrete 9.1.2 Warned off 9.1.3 by the software.

Are you using the latest version of Replica Pro theme?

If not, it’s possible that the version you are using is not Concrete 9 compatible.

If you are, then the problem might be your PHP version, which appears to be 7.3. It says on the Replica Pro marketplace page:

Please NOTE that Replica PRO v2.0+ requires PHP 7.4+

its also strange that the page_theme.php is missing from your theme’s package folder, right now it looks like the package didnt either download properly or you might need to upload it again manually, please check that the above php file is in the theme’s folder

Many thanks but I think it’s a problem elsewhere.

May I suggest you let one of us take a look at the site and see where the issue lies and then suggest how to solve it and then we can work out if Concrete CMS, the theme Dev, the server or php has failed you.

This way anyone coming here will have a positive experience and hopefully it’s a win win for everyone!!

Hi there
Yes, someone is looking at it for me.
Thanks for your concern

Hello again
It seems Xanweb are taking a while. I have chased through and cured several of the problems but I cannot get past the fact that the theme will not update. I haven’t had this theme very long, so would have thought I could purchase the latest upgrade. Anyway, never mind. I thought an update would cure this last problem.
I’ll message you with the login and you could look for me, maybe. In any case, thanks for your interest.

if you send me ftp I can more than likely fix this.

Hi there
OK, will do.

Hi @tjbphoto - just wanted to mention that there is also the option to remain on Concrete CMS v8 with PHP 7.4 Long Term Support (LTS) enabled by your hosting provider. Realize that you’ve already updated your sites, but if you have others to update in the future and don’t feel you need access to the new features in v9, remaining on v8 is definitely an option: You don't have to upgrade to Concrete v9 to keep your site safe.

I didn’t know that. Thanks Evan.

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I’m just putting together a new site. Looking back at what I was saying in November last year and I feel I was justified in just about everything.
What are the two biggest things on the web today ? Motion graphics and Parallax !
I am still in version 9 after cleaning a BSOD and a new laptop. I cannot get a parallax code to work at all and there are no add ons.
Shouldn’t we have looked at the features we lost due to the upgrade and worked on them first ??

Hello, i don’t understand very well english but like a suggestion for you " I cannot get a parallax code to work at all and there are no add ons." I have right now more than 30 websites with concrete and the most effective way to work for a modern effects like parallax it’s, for me, loading gsap 3 and locomotive scroll in the theme, no add-ons and no problems with concrete. You can get it easy and the performances are ok.

Hi there
thanks for the reply. Are your sites version 9.1.3 ?
How do you easily load gsap3 or locomotive scroll " in the theme ? "
Look forward to your reply.