What is the best way to create a ChildTheme? - copy from Using Category

I know Shopware 5 and 6 quite well and also some other systems and their template language etc.
So I think it’s good and easy if you refer to a template (theme) and create a child of it!

Since I’ve been working with Concrete for about 4 days now, the question for me is how can I implement something like this in Concrete?

I would like to use the entire functionality of Atomik and change and adapt it but remain update-proof as much as possible.

At the moment my adjustments are still relatively simple and I have already been able to adjust 1-2 things directly in Atomik.
I would like it if I had a global block in each site panel and could decide whether fluid or not fluid (as an example)

Those would be my first wishes. How should I best proceed here?

I found the copy of Atomik in the documentation, but I’m having a hard time right now, especially what I have to do here

 make necessary folder, file and class renamings (see afixia-theme-basic-bedrock guide)

What from the link is still important.

I’m looking forward to your tips etc


If you search the forums for ‘Shim’ you will find discussions of creating a shim about an existing theme (Atomik), and amongst those discussions some further discussion of other approaches to theme building.

There are also some videos on the Concrete youtube channel about building themes.

Bear in mind that older threads and videos will be out of date in some aspects, but they do help with the foundation knowledge


I searched the forum:

But I can’t find many posts on the topic.

I’ll try everything myself and make a post with my problems and successes.

As I said, Atomik would like to “expand” this in order to have a very good basic layout for me that I can build on again and again.