What is the new acronym of Concrete CMS?

So we’ve been said “c5”. It was pretty easy, very short and recognizable acronym for 10 years.

So how about now? :sweat_smile:

I’m talking about acronym for folder name, db name and everything we can use in our daily life …

For example…, we’ve used “c5” as prefix for shared host with multiple DBs in the same accounts. Database name cannot be too long.

Like we could name as “c5_prod”, “c5_staging” and etc…

I have my local environment running valet… I have all the version installed… the URL is like this


Now… what should I name my local test environment to be…

concretecms-900.test ?
now it’s long. :sweat_smile:

ccte maybe?
Or cCMS?
Here’s a good one: xc5 as in Ex Concrete5 :grin:
Nothing will ever look as good and understandable as c5 that’s for sure.

Or… here’s an idea… just keep calling it c5. I know that’s what I’m probably going to do as far as code and naming conventions are concerned.

There’s always the good old “ccm”


what about c9 for the new version on?

I’m calling my folders, DBs etc. c8 now

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My personal opinion (unrelated to my work):

@enlil’s suggestion combined with @linuxoid’s version suffix is what I’ve been using.

  • C5.7 (or whatever) for anything below v.8+
  • CCM8 for anything v.8+ (since 8.5.6 will probably be released under the new branding, so retroactively applying CCM)
  • CCM9 for anything v.9+
  • etc.
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I like CCM. I think I’m going to change to this.

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Since the latest release is Concrete Version 9, why not CV9 etc. I use CV5640 for the last version of 5.6 (

Thx everyone.
I like the enlil and myq’s suggestion.

And in fact, Concrete has been using “ccm” from the very beginning.

Although “c-c-m” (three consonant) make your tongue stuck a bit more than “c-five” (kind-of two consonant), we could use “ccm.” We make sense.

I think @Myq you could raise this for next town hall meeting as fun discussion topic.

  • CCM8 for anything v.8+ (since 8.5.6 will probably be released under the new branding, so retroactively applying CCM)

I think since we’ve been calling V8 as c5 version 8, there are texts all over the webs. It’s harder to replace them to ccm.

Practically speaking, it would be nice to switch acronym at V9 so that we can minimize the confusion.

BTW, I do like linuxoid’s idea as well.

My tiny concern is that c+number has a lot more competition against others… cars, airplane, many other products…

But if everybody in the community started to say that I think we can avoid the confusion.

CCM is already in use, seems like an easy answer…
Concrete Content Management…= CCM


A related question, what happens about:
defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die('Access Denied.');


The CLI too. So many things need to be renamed…

and the whole GitHub account

Yeah, we want to know when you update the GitHub account.

We have various projects/shell scripts that is pointing to GitHub.