Where are the projects in my concrete dashboard linked to the marketplace?

I can no longer find the list of my projects following the new marketplace. Is it no longer possible to link a site to the marketplace if we have hosted our site independently?

I’m struggling with this as well. I’ve just tried to get a free add-on from the new marketplace for my v9 site but the ‘purchase complete’ page that tells me to assign the licence has no sites listed, just a link back to the add-on info page. If I go to Login :: Market Prod I can see the license but if I try to download it, I just reopens the licences page in a new tab.

Within my site on the ‘Connect to the community’ page, it’s showing my site ID and key but says " Error: General Connection Failure This site cannot connect to the Concrete marketplace. Ensure curl is enabled on your web server." I’m told that curl is enabled. I don’t know if this is related?

Is this just a case of it all being so new we should sit tight until it’s settled down for a few days then try again, or is it something I’m doing wrong/no longer able to do for some reason?

I am experiencing the same thing!

Hi all,

If you go to your account page and click “Marketplace Sites” that will show you your project pages:

I’m not getting anything in Marketplace either. Any suggestions? Do I need to create new project pages?

Make sure that your site is updated to Concrete CMS 9.3.1+