Where can I find my Inbox in the new forum

I must be missing something obvious but I cannot find the path to my Inbox for PM’s?
Any pointers please?

Your private messages are still handled through community.concretecms.com, so you can get to your inbox here:


We discussed using just Discourse for all messaging and decided against it at this point for a few reasons… We don’t automatically create accounts here, we don’t want to have to send people into the forums just to send them a message. We do have a few improvements we want to make the the community private message system, but by in large it does work today - so we disabled the private inbox here.

Additionally we want to get away from having a custom Discourse theme for our site as it makes upgrading significantly harder. In the past we hacked away at your user profile overlay and user page here to cross link to the community site. Moving forward we’re going to do what configuration we can with the admin settings provided, but try to keep Discourse stock Discourse so it’s easier to always take advantage of their latest release.