Where is the models folder?

First post from a Bungling Amateur, so not sure if this is the right way to ask for help. Trying to implement a CRUD interface using the Concrete5 Cookbook of David Strack, but can’t find the ‘models’ folder referred to. Using Clonemental theme on 8.4.4

That book is for legacy versions leading up to Still a good bit of pertinent info in there, but things have changed drastically since then…

OK thanks. Is there any equivalent for 8.4 or should I just give up?

I would recommend visiting documentation.concretecms.org - you could probably check out Single Pages Overview if you’re looking for how to buil da CRUD interface.

Alternatively you could look at Express:

Thanks Evan. I’ve tried that, but I find it too vague and confusing for my limited ability. For example, why is there a file extension in a path? ```

I tried following the guidelines but come up with errors like “Class ‘Application\Controller\SinglePage\PageController’ not found” - clearly some sort of mismatch with folder structure of file naming, but solving it is hit-and-miss. Well, miss actually, so far.

And I have questions such as is it only pages that are visible that need to be registered as single pages, or would controller files also need to be registered. I have a CRUD system I have written in html/php, but it’s not an easy translation into Concrete.

Still, guess I’ll keep plugging away - the harder it is, the more satisfaction I’ll get in the end!