Why do I have to login on every page?

Please fix Concrete CMS login. Why do I have to login on every page? This is ridiculous. It asks me to log in on Extensions, then again on Forum, then again on Documentation then it clears itself and asks again on same pages.

Why launch a site with such broken functionality? Newcomers would turn away. If the main site behaves like this, what to expect from the CMS?

Thank you for your feedback about the login @linuxoid . @katz515 described a similar problem. Keep up the candid feedback coming. :+1:

I’ve had the same issue, fwiw…

I am having to log in twice, it takes my details, refreshes the page, I fill in again and only then do I get logged in.

It sounds like your session might be invalidating. Are you behind a CDN? If so, check your Logs, if it shows entries in the Logs “session invalidated: IP mismatch” or something to that effect, it means that it’s because your server isn’t recognizing your real IP. If that’s the case and you’re using Apache you will need mod_remoteip installed and then have it configured to read the proper remote IP header.

It’s the Concrete CMS site problem, not my server’s. I have to log in on every damn page on this site. It’s annoying.

Anyone still experiencing this? Should be dialed in now, so let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue.

It’s not working!
I’m logged in for the forum, but have to re-login on the market place. We had to buy an addon in order to get a question answered.
The link icon under the messages is also dead, I cannot quote a message and copy the permalink.
The different URL’s of the Website help to confuse newcomers. The website feels inconsistent, more like a Beta-Version.