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Hello community,

I kindly ask for your assistance in reviewing my recent edits on the Wikipedia page for Concrete CMS. I want to ensure that my changes are neutral and not overly promotional due to a potential conflict of interest (COI).

Please review my edits here:

Here are the key changes I’ve made:

  • Removed mentions of “concrete5”.
  • Added information on community and users.
  • Incorporated the GitHub repo link in the sidebar.
  • Updated the “Stable release” section.
  • Linked to the history page of Concrete CMS.
  • Included other names or aliases.

Once the review is complete and the changes are live, I’ll provide an update on the talk page. Your input is invaluable, and I appreciate it in advance. Thank you!

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I don’t think it is exceptionally spammy or anything. The level of positive is fair. There are no marketing hyperbole.

Under Features, the text talks about other features downloading. Other to what?

Then downloading from the marketplace without actually saying what the marketplace is.

Then talks about repository and marketplace leaving potential confusion - are these the same or different, and if so, what is the difference?

Would be nice to loose the citactions warning at the top of the current page.

Usage 62000 as of 2021 - can this be updated to 2023?


I’d also add something more to the awards (as reported in some recent posts of the ConcreteCMS blog): the only award listed on that wikipedia page is 15 years old…


Seems to be a reliable description.

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