Will Concrete Version 8.3.2 work with MariaDB Version 10.6?

I need to migrate my Concrete website to an updated AlmaLinux System. I am currently running Concrete CMS version 8.3.2 with MariaDB version 10.3.39 .

Everything appears to be compatible, including the available versions of PHP. The only issues is the new system is runing MariaDB version 10.6 . Does anyone know if Concrete 8.3.2 is compatible with MariaDB 10.6 . I tried to read the release notes for version 8.3.2 but they are not longer available. (Getting a 404 error on the Concrete CMS website.)

Thank you!

Not sure if this helps at all, but I am running concrete 9.2.4 with mariadb 10.11.6
Aditionally, I recently switched hosting companies, previous host was using mySQL 5.2 (way outdated) where my original concrete site was built, and it transferred over seamlessly with no issues that I have found so far to the new host using mariadb 10.
You can always try to ask Microsoft Co-Pilot, their Ai seems to have the answers to most things and willl give whatever guides needed to make something happen.
Another thing you could try is to install something like xampp/lampp on your local computer/laptop and simply see if it works on localhost with the php/db you are trying to before trying it on a live host.

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Thank you. It is very helpful to learn about your experience during the upgrade.

I tried copilot but it did not find any additional information beyond what I found on the Concrete5 website.

I have xampp on my local computer. Unfortunately the site is very large and does not run well locally. I am in the process of setting up a development Environment on the new server and will copy the site over to development environment and check it for problems.

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Just a note for anyone doing this upgrade. I had no problems with the new version of MariaDB.