Wordpress site to CCMS

hello all,
I have 2 Wordpress sites and my goal is to migrate them to concretecms, I am not worried about the theme, but I want to import the data, the page structures and links and blogs in a new instance of ConcreteCMS. Is there a script, or process in CCMS to do this automatically?

b/r Sean

I don’t think there is a script generally available. Several developers, including myself, have tools to help with this. There are various approaches:

  • import directly from a Wordpress database,
  • export from a Wordpress database into a format that can be imported to ConcreteCMS (CIF format),
  • scrape content/images directly from the pages of the source site.

In general:

  • the tools require adaptation to the specific Wordpress site.
  • there will be gaps that need to be reviewed and filled manually.
  • there will be mistakes that need to be reviewed and corrected manually.
  • there will be kinds of content that have no direct mapping and require a bit of thought about how they translate into the new site.

Overall, my usual recommendation to customers is that if there are only a few hundred pages, it will always be cheaper and more deterministic to just copy/paste the content and manually import the images. For bigger sites, it depends very much on the site.

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Copy and paste is the default route I have decided to go.
One other quesiont:
Is there a resource, video that explains how to use the page/theme → Container in the older system I could easily make columns now with 9 that funcationality seems to have vanished.

In v9 you can:

  • Have a template that provides columns (same as previous versions)
  • Add a layout to provide columns (same as previous versions)
  • Provide containers in your theme which are mini-templates you can add to a page (new for v9)

In the docs, see Overview :: Concrete CMS. Basic containers are fairly easy, just a variation on the code you would write for a page template.

I have a couple of addons relating to containers, the first is free. Container Check provides a dashboard overview. Container Magic provides a bunch of advanced containers for themes that don’t have any and a dashboard manager for those containers.