Workflow - Waiting For Me - how to set it up?

I’m probably overlooking something.
Is there any setting that will eliminate the display of all options in the Waiting For Me block.
I would like the Writer/Editor to see only messages from sections, e.g.

Is it possible?
How to do it?

Hi @ampersand - just to double check, when you’re logged in as a user that doesn’t have items in all those workflows, does it show everything, or just the things they have things to approve in? I’m just noticing you’re logged in as admin in that screenshot.

I found these settings but they don’t seem to work or something else needs to be changed.

My Editors pages.

Any idea?

@EvanCooper - any hint how to solve it?

@ampersand Yeah, like you mention here, if you set those things for the group and they’re still showing up, it sounds like it might be a bug so I’d recommend making an issue for that. - if you click on those other waiting for me categories that the editors shouldn’t be able to access, does it just show nothing? Again, that would change anything, I’d still submit it as an issue, but I’m just curious.

@EvanCooper after selecting individual items there are entries suitable for individual groups, if they exist and that’s ok.
However, as I understand it, they should not, if I have not checked them in the global settings (Waiting for Me), as they should not appear in the drop-down list.

Do I understand correctly?

@EvanCooper Can any of you (core) explain how it works?

Hi @ampersand - I don’t think that’s currently how it works. I think the list will always show all available categories of notifications, regardless of whether the user has access to them or not. It might be nice if it didn’t if you want to make a feature request for that, but presently that is how that functionality works. One could say that it might be beneficial for users without access to different notification types to see which ones are available, should they want to approach users with higher levels of access for that access because it could pertain to their duties.

Thank you for your answer, but…

In all the videos in which you show user management, it looks completely different - and even if it doesn’t, I don’t see a reason (I don’t think I’m alone) to make the website structure available to users - because that’s what your answer boils down to. This does not comply with any IT infrastructure security procedures.

You mention security very often.

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