Your session has expired. Please sign in again (version 9.1.0 and 8.5.5)

Hi guys, this past week made a migration from WHM to CWP.

All apps works fine (roundcube, spam assassin, mautic, boxbilling, crater etc) and Concrete either.

But, when I login I got the message: “Your session has expired. Please sign in again”.

And couldn’t enter to admin.

Anyone knows whats is going on here?


Hi there.

Just found this topic

And the problem is caused by Varnish Cache, so I disable it from my VPS and the login issue disappear.

Now I can login into admin site.

I don’t know exactly what feature of Varnish Cache make this issue, when I found it I come here to tell about.

Greetings from America/Sao_Paulo