Add Layout Container Issues

Does anyone else get this issue. In v9 when you add a layout and drag the columns an offset gets added meaning that you cant close up columns. This happens in Elemental as well as my own themes. It is not present in Atomik as this uses Bootstrap 5.
Never had this issue in version 8

What version are you running? I know 9.1 and 9.1.1 do have some layout improvements. 9.1.1 Release Notes :: Concrete CMS

Thanks for your reply. I am running 9.1.1 at the moment although this issue has been present since I started testing version 9. I am not sure whether this is down to a unique factor for me or whether other people are experiencing this. I will install a fresh version of 9.1.1 to see if it still happens.

Just checked with a fresh instalation of 9.1.1 with no addons and the fault happens with Elemental just the same.

I’m experiencing the same issue and even worse, it’s impossible to set layout columns anyway, as reported as bug for version 9.0.2:

which actually should have been resolved.

I am running 9.1.2 on php 8.1.11 and am having the same issue with my custom theme. I also just did a fresh install and found the issue using the Elemental theme but NOT with the Atomik theme. Can anyone tell me what it is about the Atomik theme that is making this work.

Hi @Chrouglas - it could be something that’s been updated in Atomik but not in Elemental - I would recommend opening a new issue here:

In your theme does it say:

protected $pThemeGridFrameworkHandle = ‘bootstrap5’ ; ?

If you have an older bootstrap 3 theme using grid classes for layouts, then you need to adjust your grid according to bootstrap4/5:

We use an Elemental theme adjusted to Bootstrap 5 and we have no issues when working with version 9 / PHP 8

Hey there Blink. Can you narrow this down a little. The columns in the layout seem to be correct…

I think the issue has to do with the slider handles and how their position is calculated.

Looks like you might be experiencing this issue: Issue when adding container layout using bootstrap5 grid - Issue Active in Version 9.12 · Issue #10954 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub

Please note there is a slight difference in the CSS on the above git hub issue to the CSS used for the fix here:

The above fixed worked well for us, we had to adjust the “div.row” class but it worked perfectly.

Hi @Chrouglas

Yes, your grid classes seem to be correct. I cannot find out why our theme has no such issues. It works, - even without the fix #10954 mentioned by @vidalthemes.

CMS version 9.1.2 is installed with an empty Elemental theme, then our custom theme is installed.

That did it. Thanks all.

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