Are you sure we should install version 9.1.2?

Update from 9.1.1. to 9.1.2
Before the update everything worked “beautifully” except for one task in maintenance (I did not have time to check the causes / describe the problem on the forum or GitHub), after the update to 9.1.2 it is terrible (I checked the version before updating with another account and it seemed stable) - today each action causes an error:

Error 500 - Internal server error
An internal server error has occurred!
Please try again later.

It is practically impossible to carry out maintenance in a mode other than the development mode (some processes work with the cache turned off) and it does not work properly.

Tasks stop at different places, and those turned on for specific IDs only take a long time or never end.

That’s all in 9.1.2 with PHP # PHP Version 7.4.32 - the reason for downgrading PHP is survey which unfortunately doesn’t work in version 8.
no need to wait for a github report - you already know - it doesn’t work

Taking everything together - you see, it’s not easy, and looking at the forum, it looks like it’s not the only problem.

Just for news.
in concrete php7. version preview does not work
it’s good - turning off and on elements in tablet / mobile version

let someone sign someone who managed to turn it on - it’s probably an urban legend - I never managed to get it, but maybe there is an embargo in Europe

Can you post the actual error from the logs? There’s not enough detail here to do any troubleshooting.

only a popup, with no log information.

But you are right, I will break this post into separate threads with a detailed description.

I made GitHub entries.

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