Error 500 - Internal server error - no log (9.1.2)

I already mentioned this in another thread (9.1.2)

Update from 9.1.1. to 9.1.2

Error 500 - Internal server error
An internal server error has occurred!
Please try again later.

Just a popup, with no log information, and this great list of endless “automatic” tasks.
This popup and message appear on all pages while editing, not only during automatic tasks

php7.4 :frowning:

Any idea?

Are you able to see or download your server-side error log? Usually details on 500 internal server errors are in your site error logs. If you are on a shared host, they usually put a log file/folder somewhere at the top of your directory tree.

For context, I run sites on Ubuntu server with Apache. There’s the Apache default error log in /var/log/apache2/error.log. For servers hosting multiple sites, the error log might be configured to be somewhere other than the default error log. Your host should be able to point you in the right direction.

Yes, it is probably a shared server in IONOS (but only one site), what should I look for?

The logs are from the last 3 days as this is probably the number of days to restore from a backup.

I don’t see anything in them that might indicate any load on the server.

Will it be a good solution to clean the entire history* on the Concrete side and run the tasks again?

*I mean export logs and Clear Cache to try recording logs again.

Unfortunately “500 - Internal server error” is an HTTP server side error that can mean a lot of things. They only way to tell exactly what is causing it is by looking at the server error logs.

I’m not familiar with IONOS hosting, but I suggest you contact IONOS and ask them to tell you where to find it or send it to you. If you don’t see it in your web root, look at your hosting control panel for a way to view and/or download logs.

You might find articles like this useful. Some of these 500 Internal server errors can also be generated from problems with your .htaccess file:

Thank you for the suggestion, I will look into this.