Can't modify Default Group Permissions (running as "admin")

I’ve run into a weird situation. I’m running a site where the current default group permissions aren’t permissive at all, and I wish to give those permissions to Administrators:

It does seem possible to add permissions, I at least get the dialog boxes when pressing things like “Search Group Folder”. However, we I’m trying to select the type of access I want to give (“Group”, “User”, “Group Set”, …), I get an empty dropdown list, so can’t choose anything.

What’s going on, I wonder…

The exact same dialog box works wonders anywhere else where I want to modify permissions, including in the General User Permissions section higher up on the same page.

CCMS version: 9.1.3

I went digging, and soon found that everything I’m looking for sits in SQL tables.

It turns out that pkCategoryID in PermissionKeyCategories has changed somehow, compared to a fresh install, but where pkCategoryID in PermissionAccessEntityTypeCategories hasn’t been changed accordingly.

I have no idea how this came to be. This site has been around since Concrete5 v8.1.0 at least, so has gone through multiple upgrades, as well as a migration to a composer based setup on a new server. It’s quite possible that something got messed up somewhere.

My solution for now is to modify pkCategoryID for the “offending” category in all applicable tables (apart from those already mentioned, there is PermissionKeys).

Wish me luck!

It worked, and there isn’t any bad fallout as far as I can see.