Is it possible to transfer an existing site on a fresh CCMS installation?

In another post, I’m talking about a case where it turned out to be a mismatch between some pretty central tables in the database. I’m assuming that this mismatch was caused by years of upgrades as well as a migration to another server and installation type (from downloads to composer) a few years ago.

This has me think that maybe there’s a way to make a new and fresh installation, and then transfer the data from the current installation. However, since there is a mix of data populated from the installation and site data in the database, I’m unsure if it’s possible to do this in a sane way. Is there?

Alternatively, is there a repair wizzard of some sort that can check that the core data is sane, i.e. that things like (from the other post) pkCategoryID is matching the way it should across diverse tables?

Yes, there is the Import Tool here: GitHub - concretecms/migration_tool: Migration tool for Concrete CMS version 9+.

We are in the process of creating some more robust documentation, but in essence you install it on the origin site and the target site, define and export a “batch” of content from your origin site.

Then, take the XML file and zip file it creates and import that into the target site using the import tool. You may have to do some mapping. The imported batch of pages will show up in the sitemap under a batch node for you to move into the sitemap, and the files from the zip will be imported into the file manager and associated.

The import tool single pages are in the dashboard under system and settings > Import

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