Export File Sets

Is there any way to export or save ‘File Sets’ so I can use them in a new website rather than having to create them again from scratch?

The migration tool should help you with that. Look into the documentation tutorials for an explanation.

Here’s the link

Thanks mnakalay, as far as i can find out, the migration tool only works on core 9. My site is 8.5.6

This one should work

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you may also simply export a zip from the source site fileManager, uncompress and sFTP it to the new site under application/files/incoming and then import them using fileManager of the new site (it’s quite quick)

Thanks for all the info guys.
I installed the migration tool but it does not give the option for exporting file sets (see pic).
I ended up just recreating the whole lot again in the new site.

I wrote this

A while back to assist with migrating 5.6.x to 5.8 - it requires that you do an empty install of 5.8 and then run the import/exports. It transfers all files and file sets in one go.

I have a 5.6 site and V8 clean install on a development server. I am hoping to use your code to migrate my filesets. I have succesfully downloaded the json file for the first stage. For the second part, importing into version 8, I assume the fileset directories from 5.6 need to be uploaded to the V8 server ? if so where do I put them?

You don’t need to upload anything. The importer will create all the folders it needs and will grab the files themselves and import them into your new website and then add them to the relevant file set.

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Of course, it pulls the files over the internet!

This worked perfectly, which has saved lots of work. Thank you for this tool.

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