Home page is "homeless" in sitemap

I started editing the home page, then added a couple sub-pages. Published them and noticed that the home page “crumbs” said “trash / homepage”.

Then I went to the full sitemap and checked “include system pages”, which allowed me to drag the home page and subpages around, but how do I get it to be its own top-level item?

Currently it is stuck under “Dashboard”. Not sure where to move it to let it be the home page it wants to be. I am comfortable navigating cPanel and file manager so if I need to edit/move some files from within the server environment I’m willing to do this.

Core Version - 9.3.2
PHP Version 7.4.33
Collation: utf8mb4_unicode_ci

UPDATE: I found this post which mentions a database correction that would work, referenced here. However, I don’t know what the correct table and field/column names are for version 9.3.2. There is no table with anything resembling “pages” in the table name.

UPDATE 2: Never mind, I just deleted the installation and reinstalled. Problem solved and lesson learned! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, a fresh start would be a good idea since it was a new installation. Can’t say I’ve tried moving the home page around the sitemap but good to know your experience. Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: