How to give permission to only one folder in filemanager?

Hi! Concrete version used here is 8.5.4. I have created a group, and I’m trying to set right permissions for it. The group members should:

  1. be able to add pages of blog pagetype
  2. be able to add images to blog posts → load images to the filemanager
  3. not be able to see other files in filemanager

What I tried to do was:

  1. successfully made the page type permission work with this group
  2. set up a new file folder for only blog post images
  3. on filemanager clicked the new folder and “Edit permissions” → give the group permission to view and search folder and add files to it
  4. on sitemap give group permission to view Dashboard/Files/File Manager page

But this did not give the correct permissions for group member to use folder. User can access filemanager and see the folder it is supposed to. But trying to open the folder gives blank error popup (there’s nothing on log either).

If I give group permission in dashboard/system/files/permissions to search files, then they can see all files and folders and access them. Why is this not working for only one folder, or how should it be done?

I wasn’t able to give permission for single folder. So I changed the plan, and added File uploader access entity (as described here) to File Manager Permissions.

Now the user sees only their own files. There was still all the folders showing (although the files inside folders didn’t show) so I went through all folders and override their permissions to not include File uploader entity. Luckily there is the copy paste thing in permissions, so this wasn’t so time consuming!

So problem kind of solved, but I’d be glad to hear if there is better ways to do this. :slight_smile:

@mandakos Do you have advanced permissions turned on?

Yes, advanced permission is on.

Hi @mandakos - can you check out the end of @Myq’s tutorial here about the file manager perms and see if that might help tweak how you have your permissions configured to work better? Otherwise we can explore other options. Thanks!

Thanks! This tutorial is very helpful and I have saved it for later.

Here my goal was to add access to only one folder in filemanager for specific group (so the group can’t see other files or folders). I think this was not described in the tutorial.

I believe there should be a view permission on the folders that you can set for specific groups so that only a specific group could see their folder and then no other folders. Should be mentioned in that tutorial.

I’ve been testing the folder permissions and I don’t think this works correctly (v9.1.2).

  1. Create a folder in file manager
  2. Edit folder permissions to allow only one specific group
  3. Add a document library block on some page
  4. Log in as user who doesn’t belong to this specific group
  5. User can still see the folder and files inside it in the document library. Although if you try to download the file, it shows an error.

I just noticed that document library block has: $list->ignorePermissions(); That’s why it shows all the files and folders despite the permissions.