HTTP error code 500

My C5 site is hosted at GoDaddy. On July 8 I started getting the 500 error at my site. According to my error log it something to do with using the word “Object” in the code
([Fri Jul 21 11:17:55.218494 2023] [lsapi:error] [pid 1156393:tid 47582057711360] [client] [host] Backend fatal error: PHP Fatal error: Cannot use Concrete\Core\Foundation\Object as Object because ‘Object’ is a special class name in /home/kenpicard/public_html/concrete/src/Utility/Service/Text.php on line 15\n).
My experience in this is that the PHP version was changed. My site is running on the C5 8.1 . I have tried a few fixes but nothing changes. At GoDaddy I was told my site was hacked with malware, but when they did a search for the malware they found nothing. As of now they are unwilling to help and claim that nothing changed on July 8. Any advise on how to fix my site

This is due to a php upgrade.

You solve this easy enough by change object to concrereobject

Try reading this