I tamed the boards! 🤕 Evil laughter

3 days ago, after adding an entry about an important action for animals, my board after regeneration fell out. It crashed and stopped working, period. Error page. Drama.

I set up a bypass - I unhooked the board (in fact, the entire Blog section on which this board is located), and wherever possible, I set up quick redirection of links directly to the article, because there is no turning back here, the QR code with a link to this particular one went to print pages and the collection action for the shelter starts on days.

However, I decided to try to recreate the situation and fix it on the twin test site.
Then on the other
and on the third…
Oh yes, a few hours.
But we managed to partially put it up and reconfigure the board.
And you know what I’ll tell you?

I think the devil lives in Portland ;).

While we managed to tame the meanders of how to connect it (board) together after a few hours (of course, on the full version - it doesn’t work at all on the empty one), and it was probably ok, I was tempted to regenerate.

Boards are pure evil.
Such that it can’t be any worse.

&&&^#@@#@#$$ EvIL and lots of F.words

It crashed. Of course.
Evil laughter.

Therefore, I repeat my request from about a month ago in which I suggested a tutorial to recreate the content - @EvanCooper thought it was worthwhile - so I closed the thread/post as resolved.

Hi @ampersand - Yeah I think that sounds like a good idea. We will look into it. :+1:

Unfortunately, neither on the forum nor during any of the meetings, be it in the Town Hall or during Fridays, this issue has not been raised so far.

Is there a chance we’ll see that using ConcreteCMS is child’s play. Please do it.

In my opinion, it’s worth it, you can see on the forum that not only new users have a problem with it.

If there is a possibility to do a survey here, it may help in making a decision.

Would it be worthwhile for the Portland team to create a tutorial showing how to recreate a website with the same/similar content after removing the pre-installed content?

Configuration of the blog, Resources, no finesse, just the initial state, so that it works without errors on mobile and desktop. Oh, good practice. Even in episodes.

  1. Helpful - would be great
  2. Redundant - everything is already known
  3. I have no opinion

I cordially invite you to vote and discuss how to improve the efficiency of the configuration of this wonderful CMS.

Marcin Przepiorka

Hi @ampersand - I’m in the process of making the tutorial. We will release it as soon as it’s finished. :slight_smile:

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That said, it sounds like you would recommend I jump to the boards portion, so I can do that!

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@EvanCooper that looks like a good plan. Especially looking at the recent display of bugs with boards and blogs by many users, I think it’s a good idea. Please, do it.

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I absolutely upvote this :100:
I just helped someone with a fix because regeneration was failing due to dates and timezones not in the right format


@EvanCooper How does the work with the tutorial look like - when can we see something?

@EvanCooper it was in July - did you manage to get a handle on this issue?

@EvanCooper If this tutorial happened, I totally missed it (bump)

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There was a Friday on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-_BeGmQuOo

Also, there could be many changes happening with boards, see


I think a portion of my brain exploded. Guess we’ll see what comes out on the other side of v10.

In the meantime, I’ll just use Mobirise to design layouts and paste the code into views :nerd_face:


I agree, a lot of taming in Concretecms.

We love Mobirise a lot for prototyping Concrete sites.

Wish for version 10:
Have an easy, slimmed down version of Concretecms for prototyping and folks who just want a simple brochure website, without taming a complex system, - all others can use the proffesional version.

The Dev team should look at that.