Suggestion and timid New Year's request

I think there will be many people here who would benefit from it today and in the future.

Instead of duplicating posts about what works or doesn’t in the basic version out of the box, could someone from Portland try to install pure ConcreteCMS on the standard and recommended settings, i.e. PHP 8.1 and MySQL (5.7 or higher - my suggestion is 8) and then recreate the functionality of Atomik like the preinstalled version and make a tutorial out of it?

No fancy styling, no - just recreate from scratch.

Theoretically, it shouldn’t be difficult, but I think it would be a good way to show how the system works, but it would be easier for you to see bugs that can drive many users crazy when they just try to use the basic blocks and elements of the system.

As in the beginning, I think it would be a great benefit for many people and a good start to the new year.

All the best and bugs less in the New Year
Marcin Przepiorka

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Hi @ampersand - Yeah I think that sounds like a good idea. We will look into it. :+1:

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