Multisites, some questions

Hello, i have some questions about the multisite function

  1. What kind of domains can be used, multiple main domains? (,, or is only 1 main domain with subdomains possible? (,,
    I would like to use multiple main domains.
  2. If multiple main domains to 1 concrete installation is possible, what kind of server/dns settings are needed? the documentation is very vague about that.

There should really be a more in depth video about this, I mean @frz recently made a great video about the brand website, one about multisites would be a great addition.

  1. and are setup with multisite. Subdomains can be used as well.
  2. I made a note to add some documentation on the dns.

here’s a helpful thread V9 multisite settings... documentation of any sort?

That would be great if there was, any ETA on that info? Can you maybe give the quick rundown already? We are in the proces of evaluating which platform will work best for us.

Does this video help?

@frz thank you for the video, this really gives a lot more info in 10 minutes than the documentation, i would recommend doing more of these since you bring across details that the written docs misses but i really wish that you would have given more information about the DNS settings/configuration, its there where i am unsure how to proceed. do you just park 2 domains on your hosting and the cms guides it to the right page or is there more to it?

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and thanks again for making the video, really do more of these, they are great!

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Agreed, these videos are important. The last mile is always the hardest. :wink:

Yeah, park the domains and concrete will direct traffic as it should. In this case we just setup a wildcard DNS for the main domain and now I can map without going back into cpanel.

One thing that did escape this video is you’ll have to go into page types and configure permissions to work there. That’s why I got the access denied message when building a skeleton site.

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Thanks Franz, I have to agree these little videos are so much use and really help.

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