Pagination between events on an event detail page

I’m using Calendar & Events in ConcreteCMS 9 and in my calendar I have a list of events linked to an event detail page. In this event detail page I would like to add a pagination to navigate to the next event (later date) and to the previous event (earlier date). How to do this ?

Hi @tacktack - it sounds like you’d want to override the event detail view to include your custom pagination functionality. I’ll dig a little deeper to see what exactly you’d have to override - might be the event detail block but I’ll have to confirm.

Yes that’s exactly it. I think you have to list all the occurrences in an array then compare the position of the active occurrence to then display the next occurrence and the previous occurrence. Do you have a better technical solution or maybe the Concrete cms team has something planned to do this?

Did I miss something? Is the calendar working properly?

Yes the calendar works fine. I just want to add pagination between occurrences of a calendar in the event detail view. This doesn’t seem to be planned.

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Are you sure?
Make sure you don’t have this situation…

I would check the issues here to see if it’s already been requested and if not submit it as a feature request. :+1: