Problems with Document Library blocks in V9.02 (and V9.01)

Hi there,

Since migrating to V9.02 from V8, we have encountered two problems with Document Library:

  1. When individual Document Library blocks are setup to display files from a specific Folder / File Set combination and you upload a file using the Add Files option in the Document Library setup, the file is uploaded but does not display in the Docuemnt Library File List. Upon investigation, the File Set is correctly updated, but it is NOT automatically moved into the specified Folder. This functionality worked in V8 (8.5.5). As a workaround, we can manually move the file to the correct folder under File Manager - and then it appears in the Document Library Block.

  2. When Search is enabled in Document Library and you type in any search string we get this SQL error:

An exception occurred while executing ‘SELECT distinct n.treeNodeID, if(nt.treeNodeTypeHandle=‘file’, fv.fvTitle, n.treeNodeName) as name, if(nt.treeNodeTypeHandle=‘file’, fv.fvDateAdded, n.dateModified) as dateModified, case when nt.treeNodeTypeHandle=‘file_folder’ then 1 else (10 + fvType) end as type, fv.fvSize as size, fv.fvTitle FROM TreeNodes n INNER JOIN TreeNodeTypes nt ON nt.treeNodeTypeID = n.treeNodeTypeID LEFT JOIN TreeFileNodes tf ON tf.treeNodeID = n.treeNodeID LEFT JOIN FileVersions fv ON tf.fID = fv.fID and fv.fvIsApproved = 1 LEFT JOIN FileSetFiles fsf ON tf.fID = fsf.fID LEFT JOIN Files f ON fv.fID = f.fID LEFT JOIN FileSearchIndexAttributes fis ON fv.fID = fis.fID LEFT JOIN Users u ON f.uID = u.uID LEFT JOIN FileSearchIndexAttributes fsi ON f.fID = fsi.fID WHERE ((nt.treeNodeTypeHandle = “file_folder”) OR (fsf.fsID = 14)) AND ((fv.fvFilename LIKE ?) OR (fv.fvDescription LIKE ?) OR (fv.fvTitle LIKE ?) OR (fv.fvTags LIKE ?) OR (fv.fvTags LIKE ?) OR (n.treeNodeName LIKE ?) OR (ak_gg_tags LIKE ?)) AND (n.treeNodeParentID IN (‘516’)) ORDER BY fv.fvTitle desc LIMIT 20’ with params ["%2020%", “%2020%”, “%2020%”, “%2020%”, “%2020%”, “%2020%”, “%2020%”]: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1052 Column ‘ak_gg_tags’ in where clause is ambiguous

Again this search facility worked under 8.5.5.

Appreciate help with any fixes available.

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Looks like your feedback is getting some traction on GitHub: Add ability to Document Library to specify file folder for upload · Issue #10588 · concrete5/concrete5 · GitHub

This is now resolved as per this fix.