Problems with Document Library blocks in V9.1.0RC2

Hi there,
I reported this problem a week or two ago on my experience with Document Library under V9.02 & 9.01.

Just an update to say that both issues (Add Files option does not move file to File Folder specified in setup and the SQL error which occurs when search is used) still occur under 9.1.0RC2.



This would be a good thing to add as an Issue in GitHub - Issues · concrete5/concrete5 · GitHub

Thanks - have added this issue in GitHub.

Thanks to aembler for arranging to fix both the Document Library issues. As of v9.1.1 both fixes have been implemented.

Actually I am getting this same problem in 9.1.1 and I thought that I was doing something wrong with storage locations. It always saves to the root, but if I use the forms module to upload a file it saves correctly to the right area. I logged a ticket about this in the development forum as well thinking it was a enhancement request. Maybe they can check it again. Not sure how to report via GitHub.

Here is the other thread I created before I saw this: V9 File Storage Location

I have just tested loading new files via the Document Library block again under v9.1.1 and concur with peachautomation’s experience. The file is loaded to the root directory instead of to the folder specified under the Document Library setup.
I thought I saw this working properly as soon as 9.1.1 was officially released - but apparently not. A fix is hopefully still in the pipeline ?

Is this still open/registered as a defect in GitHub?

This is now resolved. I have installed the fix and it works on my v9 server.

I confirm that after installing v9.1.2RC1, any files uploaded via the Document Library Block are being loaded to the File Manager Folder specified under the Document Library setup. Thanks very much.