Updating to 9.2.5


I just updated to version 9.2.5 (test site only) and I get

“This CKEditor 4.22.1 (Standard) version is not secure. Consider upgrading to the latest one, 4.24.0-lts.”

What happened ?

I’ve seen this on a site today.

Interestingly it’s not showing on every site running CKEditor 4.22.1 I can find.

Unfortunately CKEditor changed their licensing when they released version 5, and for security/bug fixes for version 4 you have to have to be on a paid LTS support plan.

Hopefully this message can be disabled somehow.

I also saw this on an 8.5.14 site just now. Looks as if a bug has been reported on Github.

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Have the same issue on three updated sites running 9.2.5.

I believe CKEditor has disabled that alert for now on their end.