Using Boards

I have set-up a small site with a news feature using the default Boards set-up - I like they way the work but…

How do I set them to auto update - regenerate when a new blog post is added? The user doesn’t want to have to have to update the board every time they add a news item?

The Scheduler - is complex and no info/tutorials on how to use it? where do you set-up elements and what does it do?

I have set-up Cron jobs on tasks- After lots of errors on the cron Schedule - after using the wrong expression (no spaces) I had to manually remove from the data base table to get past the error.

But then their is no task for this?

Please advise ? Otherwise I will switch back to using Page list block.



I agree, Boards are both complex and lacking in documentation.

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I doubt this answers carl101lee’s questions, but for those interested in watching a Boards “quickest walkthrough in the world” by Andrew Embler and Franz Maruna, here’s a link:

Concrete CMS September 2021 Town Hall - YouTube