V9.2 and recaptcha display problem

I am using ConcreteCMS v9.2 and trying to use recaptchaV3. I setup and selected recaptcha and all that looks good. However when view my form, I do not see recaptcha on the form page. I only see the recaptcha icon when I edit the form block and select yes on the solve captcha setting. This isn’t what I want and i receive and error, saying invalid code.

How can I get around this? Thanks!

I am using ConcreteCMS V9.2 and php 8.1.

Typically for v3 you don’t see the captcha unless it thinks you’re suspicious.

Also just for good measure I’d make sure your keys are for ReCaptcha v3 and not v2 but again I think you might just be expecting v2 behavior (i.e. it shows up in the form and you have to click something) but what you’re seeing is v3 behavior.

Thank you @EvanCooper ! I am expecting v3 behavior as I have worked with RCv3 before. Normally, I see the attached image at the bottom right hand corner of the form page. Maybe Concrete’s implementation is different?

Thank you!

I’m not sure what the cause of this issue is, but I have posted a workaround here > reCaptcha v3 fails to load assets or allow post submission in conversations · Issue #11563 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub

Thank you @losttheplot ! I appreciate it.

No problem, except that my helpful post was just flagged as spam because “the community feels it is an advertisement’” …go figure!

It’s taken care of, no worries.

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