What is the best way to create a ChildTheme?

I know Shopware 5 and 6 quite well and also some other systems and their template language etc.
So I think it’s good and easy if you refer to a template (theme) and create a child of it!

Since I’ve been working with Concrete for about 4 days now, the question for me is how can I implement something like this in Concrete?

I would like to use the entire functionality of Atomik and change and adapt it but remain update-proof as much as possible.

At the moment my adjustments are still relatively simple and I have already been able to adjust 1-2 things directly in Atomik.
I would like it if I had a global block in each site panel and could decide whether fluid or not fluid (as an example)

Those would be my first wishes. How should I best proceed here?

I found the copy of Atomik in the documentation, but I’m having a hard time right now, especially what I have to do here

make necessary folder, file and class renamings (see afixia-theme-basic-bedrock guide)

What from the link is still important.

I’m looking forward to your tips etc


Hi Chris,

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