Where is link to upload new package?

Where is the link to upload a new package to the Marketplace? It used to be in the Extensions sub-menu. It’s gone now and I can’t see it anywhere anymore…


The actual submission form starts at https://marketplace.concretecms.com/marketplace/manage_item/

@EvanCooper - can we have a proper link to this from the Extensions sub-menu?

Thank you, @enlil and @JohntheFish

I see there’s a link in the description of the PRB forum category, but only 4 of us can see that anyway. We def need a better link to it! That link would probably fare better in the description of the Marketplace forum category…

Yes, I just added it there. I don’t have access to pin/manage the marketplace forum. I have linked it from another post.

The ideal solution would be for https://marketplace.concretecms.com/marketplace/manage_item/ to be added as a nav link from the Extensions menu dropdown

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I made a ticket to better organize the submission process.

@JohntheFish Can you point me to the point you want pinned?

@jessicadunbar I believe what we want is to take the submission link from the description of the PRB forum and place it in the Marketplace forum description. That was my suggestion anyway. Being that only PRB members can see the PRB forum, that link is useless to the community. @JohntheFish may have had other ideas as well along with the extensions dropdown being an ideal place for it as well

As @Enlil described for a pinned post in the marketplace forum. Not the whole post from the PRB forum, most of that text is specific to PRB members. So just the link to the submit page with a bit of text.
“If you want to submit an addon or theme to the marketplace…” [link]

That is only an elastoplast solution. We shouldn’t be depending on forum posts to compensate for missing site navigation.

Ultimately we need a link in the site navigation beneath ‘Extensions’, which I believe you have covered by the ticket.

Its added here too:

The link is gone from the Extensions

Hi all - We’ve added an item to the extensions page for “Submit Your Code”. I’ve also pinned a post to the top of this Category that tells folks where to go.

@EvanCooper , thank you, much appreciated.

Any one know when or if the other issues would be fixed?

Some of those are very very annoying.