Set Calendar locale?

Unrelated to my other language-post (still looking for help: Change backend language in v9 - #6 by EvanCooper) on another Project i try to get the calendar to display the month-names and ui-elements (“today”) in another language (german).

I set both the backend Language as well as the site-Language, default Language and ui-Lang to German or de_DE. Most of the stuff works in German (note the “Abmelden” lower right corner) but the calendar does not.

In the template i can pass some values like “firstDay: 1” that works but the locale does not.

This is on a blank v9.1.3 install on php8.1. In Dashboard calendar view, the days and all is in german (screenshot 2) but on the frontend it just stays english.

Any help appreciated.

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Some more findings and a lot more confusion:

Language setup 1

Language setup 2

And now for the strange part. In a event_list template i have <?=t('View Calendar')?> at the bottom. It displays english text to a visitor. However, if i select the block for editing it displays German (as configured and expected) but on saving, back to english…


What is going on here? I guess it is related to the problen that i only get english readings on the calendar.

Any Help appreciated. thanks

Another reply from myself hoping for some response:

It seems like the Calendar is only partially translated. The locale is set correctly afaik but some Buttons/Strings respond to it and some do not:

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Hi @donat - if you search the PO file are the strings for those labels included? If not, you might be able to contribute and provide them here: Translate :: Concrete CMS

From the look of it, is it duplicating those buttons there?

I know the calendar is based on an existing library, so there might be issues there so it might also be worth posting the issues you’re running into here in case it’s an issue with the way the core is interacting with / implementing that library.

The Buttons are not duplicated. There are some translated ones but ‘month’, ‘week’ and ‘day’ as well as the day/month names do not get translated. The Strings are included in the PO.

Just tested on a fresh composer project concrete9.1.3 installed in english the set backend + frontend locale to german, deleted the en locale in multilingual setup. That gives me a German interface. When adding the calendar (and event list) Block it gives patchy translations. The calendar seems not to be translated at all, the eventlist partially.

Note “hervorgehobenes Ereignis” is german and then “There are no upcoming events”

@donat got it that makes sense - then yes this might be a core issue of some sort. Looking at the source, it seems like those things are t-strung but maybe there’s something about the way the calendar is rendered that causes issues with that making it through to the view.

+1 for this issue, having same problem here. Could it be, somehow, any missing translation files? Any help is appreciated, thanks

I would recommend posting an issue about it here to see if it’s a core issue: